Sorry, but I won't be joining you in your protest or boycott

October 19, 2017


It seems everywhere you turn your head these days there is a protest of one sort or another. Let's see... there are the NFL players protesting the National Anthem, there are people protesting the NFL because of those NFL player protest. There are people protesting the Confederate statues and also people who are protesting the people protesting the statues (pro-Confederate/Old South values). Additionally, there are many businesses that people boycott for one belief or another.

I am not the most political person in the world, but I definitely have my opinions. I have always considered myself pretty moderate politically, not leaning extremely left or right. Yes, I have tended to vote Democrat most of the time, but when you have people like this bozo running for office it is an easy choice. In my opinion, the Democrats usually have the better of the two candidates.

When it comes to the hot-button issues that are occurring today, I have a pretty moderate opinion with those as well. For example, the NFL players protesting. I personally think they have every right to protest, and while if I was an NFL player I would most probably stand for the anthem, I can definitely see why those that do not stand choose to do so. Additionally, if the NFL commissioner decides that all players must stand, I would be ok with that as well. No matter what happens, I will continue to support and watch pro football, because I like pro football goddamnit and If I want to watch pro football I will watch it. I am not that concerned over what certain players are doing or are not doing to decide that pro football will no longer be part of my entertainment choices. For those who do choose to boycott the NFL because of the player protest well then, find something else to watch and quit posting your opinions all over social media. Your political opinions aren't as important to other people as you think they are!

Another example. A few years ago, Chick-fil-a CEO Dan Cathy made some statements about being opposed to gay marriage. Due to these, statements there were some groups who were calling for boycotts of Chick-fil-a and the conservative values the company represents. Now personally I am pro-gay marriage. I think the LGBT community has every right to marriage as anyone else. I was annoyed by the statements made by their CEO, but Chick-fil-a as a company has always been known to have conservative values such as being closed on Sunday's for example. Despite not agreeing with the statements the CEO made, I did not, nor will not ever boycott Chick-Fil-A. They have great customer service and as Aziz Ansari said in the movie 'Observe and Report' their chicken is fucking delicious!

There was another incident last year when Target announced they were changing all of their bathrooms to be unisex so that a transgender person wouldn't have to be forced to use a bathroom they didn't feel comfortable using. Due to this conservative groups announced loudly and proudly that they would no longer be shopping at Target. If you don't want to shop at Target don't shop there, but I have no problem shopping there and will continue to support Target when I need something from Target that appeals to me.

As for media and music, a lot of people will boycott a certain t.v station such as CNN, because they are too liberal or a musical act because they are too liberal (or conservative). If I like a certain t.v show on CNN, damn right I'm watching CNN (actually I like CNN and watch it all of the time.) If I like a song or performer I will buy their music or go see them in concert and their political views(if known) will have very little influence on my decision to do so.

Moving on to this whole confederate statue crap. Living in the South my whole life I have been around staunch Southern values supporters and racism my whole life. I do understand how a Confederate statue would be offensive to some. I also have to admit confederate statues have never bothered me, and even though I certainly don't worship them, I don't really mind them either. They are kind of just there to remind us of the history of the South and yes the South has a dark and racist past.

I definitely, don't think the answer is to vandalize or tear down the Confederate statues (or any statue for that matter). It should be up to each individual state whether or not the statues are removed or not. If all of the Confederate statues were removed in North Carolina, I wouldn't be butthurt at all, but I doubt that will ever happen. Some cities like Richmond, Virginia have entire avenues of Confederate statues. Removing all the Confederate statues in that city would totally change the whole landscape there.

In conclusion, having strong opinions are fine and peaceful protest are fine with me too. Boycotting a business for politic beliefs is up to each person. For me, life is too short. Now I need to leave to do some Target shopping and stop by Chik-Fil-A. Big NFL game on tonight too!

Update September 2018

So Nike has decided to use Colin Kaepernick in their new Nike add and the Trumptard conservatives are protesting Nike and burning their $100 + Nike shoes. Your go conservatards! Burn those Nikes and then make sure you tell everyone on social media how you feel! Me personally, I have been wearing Nike since I was a teenager. I like the shoes, clothing, and accessories and I also like the social stance the company has taken over the years. The "Just Do It" campaign has been very inspiring over the years. I will continue to wear Nuke loud and proud and I will not be joining in on the boycott.

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