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August 30, 2016

My desert island musical selection

Desert Island Musical Selections

One important thing all human beings should think about is what music would they want to have with them if they were stranded on a musical island (because you just never know, right?)
If I had to pick one CD, I might go with Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon, Led Zeppelin IV, U2 - Joshua Tree, Radio Head- OK Computer, Pearl Jam -Ten, Nirvana - Never Mind, The Eagles - Greatest Hits or The Who - Who's Next.

In a perfect world , I would have a mixed CD to accompany me during the lonely days and nights on the deserted island that I may or may nor inhabit one day. If that was the case, here are the tunes that would be on that CD.

  • Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
  • Pink Floyd - Time
  • Radiohead - Creep
  • Radiohead - Paranoid Android
  • Pearl Jam - Black
  • Pearl Jam - Even Flow
  • Alice in Chains - Rooster
  • Alice in Chains - Again
  • Audioslave - Like a Stone
  • Rage against the machine - Killing in the name
  • Kings of Leon - Arizona
  • The Who - Won't get fooled again
  • The Who - Pinball Wizard
  • Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
  • Led Zeppelin - Hey Hey What Can I do
  • Foo Fighters - Everlong
  • REM - Losing My Religion
  • The Eagles - Hotel California
  • Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
  • Bush - Everything Zen
  • Finger 11 - Paralyzed

I hope I don't actually ever get stuck on a desert Island, but if I do I want to have some great music to accompany me!

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