Welcome Roy Cooper, a governor for us all!

January 7, 2017

The Good

North Carolina Governor - Roy CooperRoy Cooper was recently elected the governor of North Carolina and he is the best choice to get the state back on track after helping to repeal HB2, and bring back businesses and entertainment events that left the state due to HB2 overall his leadership will make North Carolina great again (MNCGA).

My favorite part about North Carolina is the pro-economy, the diversity of the people of North Carolina, and the overall friendly-ness and progressive nature of the State. We took a hit from the last four years of Pat McCrory and the Republican legislature, but as Roy Cooper himself said, he will make it a priority for businesses, events, and people to "Come Back to Carolina" after the disaster that was Pat McCrory.

The Bad

2016 was a terrible year for North Carolina politically. The former governor, Pat McCrory signed into law, a bill through the state senate in March 2016 named HB2 (the bathroom bill) [PDF] which was a very discriminatory bill against the LGBTQ community that ended up hurting the state's economy big time. The governor stood by the bill and deemed it necessary to keep "women and children safe". The truth of the matter is the bill in no way keeps anyone more or less safe than before the bill was passed. North Carolina became an embarrassment and laughing stock to the other states. What was once a progressive modern state almost overnight lost its brand image and began suffering a backlash when performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Ringo Starr, and Maroon 5.

North Carolina is the home of the ACC and the ACC basketball tourney is typically played in either Greensboro or Charlotte. As long as HB2 is a North Carolina law, the ACC Men's basketball tournament won't be played in this state (Nor will any ACC Championship). This is not only sad, it is pitiful that former governor Pat McCrory and the Republican legislature couldn't foresee the damage their actions would cause(Did I mention $100 million going down the drain when the NBA All-Star game pulled out of Charlotte in 2017?)

The Ugly

Towards the end of Pat McCory's disgraceful last year in office, he along with the Republican State Senate passed a bill reducing the power of Governorship that Cooper will be able to wield. Taken from a snippet on CNN.com

The new law, Senate Bill 4, removes state and county election boards from Democratic control, slows legal battles' path to the state Supreme Court -- where a majority of justices were appointed by Democrats -- and makes the state Supreme Court elections partisan rather than nonpartisan.

I believe this act by State Republicans is unconstitutional and will continue to set the State of North Carolina back. We need to move forward from HB2 and the legacy of Pat McCrory. 2017 is the dawn of a new Era and Governor Roy Cooper will be a great Governor to take North Carolina out of the darkness and back into the light of prosperity.



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