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Web Design, Development & Digital Marketing

Design and Development of

Designing and developing my personal portfolio and blog website,, has been and will continue to be a labor of love
(This website is always evolving - hence the name).

The technologies used on this site are:

Site structure/layout

I used Bootstrap framework for the responsive HTML/CSS/JS based grid layout. I also included a great deal of custom HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

I used SASS for easier CSS management and I used Font Awesome liberally through out this site for icons.


I ensured all images on my site were as small as possible using Tiny PNG for image compression. I also minimized my javascript and CSS files and made sure I reduced the number of http request to bring in assets (CSS/JS).

In order to make page loading faster, I enabled Gzip compression which compresses files for faster network transfer.

This site is responsive and mobile friendly and I tested the mobile speed via Google Page Speed Insights.


With the back-end coding I used PHP to assist with page templates using includes and also the rotating background on refresh feature and submission of my web form.


With the blog portion of my website I utilize the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS).


Web site accessibility is very important to me so I read a lot of information on websites such as Webaim and Section 508. I verified every page on my site for section 508 accessibility compliance using the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool .

I also validated the HTML5 for the site as well as the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


I made sure I created my webpages using semantic HTML and also added key words into headings (h1, h2 , h3 etc.). I linked across the pages in my site as much as possible. Additionally, I submitted the XML site map of this site to Google and Bing.

Web Site Hosting

For my hosting of I use Media Temple. Media Temple is very reliable and respond to any issues or answer any questions very quickly.