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About Me

Technically I am a North Carolina native as I was born in Wilmington. My family moved to a small town in Southeastern Virginia, Franklin when I was very young, so my dad could work at the big paper mill there. Franklin is where I grew up and went to high school (Go Broncos!). After High School I attended Elon University (or Elon College as it was known then).

I majored in communications at Elon, but as with a lot of young adults, I was really un-decided as to what I wanted to do after I graduated so I started out in the medical billing field doing customer service. I soon found out what I did NOT want to do with my career, so back to school I went to the School of Communication Arts (now Living Arts College) to study graphic design.

After learning graphic design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and Director I went to work for some printing pre-press places to do some graphic design type stuff. This career was ok for me, but I wanted more variety. Around this time HTML really started to take off. I actually took my first HTML course at a community college, and then from there bought some books to learn the ins-and outs. From there it was learning CSS, then JavaScript, next PHP and MySQL.

I have been in the web field for many years now, but there is always a new skill to learn such as Angular JS, Node JS etc. which I am currently in the process of mastering.

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